Over 40 years
of experience

Reliability, expertise and innovation. These are BM Concept Srl characteristics. The Company created in 2016 by the brothers Enrico and Marcello Bruno in Alpignano is specialized in the set up of commercial and industrial vehicles. The high quality materials choice allows BM Concept Srl to satisfy any request.

The Company combines two souls: the historical 40 years experienced family business Coibent Car and the 2012 Business On The Road. Both BM Concept business lines equip commercial and industrial vehicles for transport and sale on wheels, and they focus on different targets even if they are strictly connected to each other.

During the years BM Concept Srl took part in different and prestigious fairs like Milano Expo 2015, the Sigep in Rimini, Gelatissimo in Stuttgard and Sirha in Lyon. The Company has in 2021 introduced on the Market the line Eco On The Road with a variety of small sized electrical vehicles, equipped for the itinerant sale a d for the last mile delivery.

The business lines of BM Concept

The Company has two main business lines: Coibent Car and Business On The Road.

Coibent car

Since 1980 Coibent Car is specialized in project and production of coatings and refrigerated cell panels. Afterwards, once homologated and certified by the Minsistry of Transports, Coibent Car begins its activity in Collegno before moving to a wider structure at 45 Grange Palmiero street in the industrial area of Alpignano. Coibent Car’s first activities were the selling of auto traction refrigerated implants and their mechanics. Later on they increased their production on insulation on series vans and isothermal trucks, refrigerated or not. Coibent Car is now also successfully specialized in the field of mobile labs production for public or private Companies and institutions.

Business on the road

The Business On The Road line focuses on building and outfitting commercial vehicles, it has been created in 2012 and since then it has developed in Italy and abroad. It brings back to life the legend of Ape Car Piaggio, adapting the innovative trends of mobile street food to the Made in Italy design style icon. Business On The Road transforms the legendary three wheeled in a real traveling shop, in a lab on the road or in a selling and promotion point in events and fairs. The Business On The Road Kiosk is just an example of artisanship, creativity and technology that distinguishes this brand. With dedication and care of details the vehicles are customized according to the demands with a complete production within the Company. In 2021 we introduced to the market Eco On The Road, a small size electrically powered line.

Business On The Road at the Expo

In 2015 Business On The Road takes part in the prestigious universal exposition with its Pernigotti ice cream Ape Car. A unique and innovative concept with a retro design which combines Italian tradition to the revolutionary ice cream selling model. Two years later, Business On The Road together with Eurochocolate realizes a series of Ape Car models for chocolate tasting. The doors and the counter are shaped on real chocolate bars.

Our story

In 1980 the Bruno spouses founded Coibent Car in Collegno

Once the Company started, the couple decided to expertise in insulation for trucks and special set ups.

A new headquarter
In 2000 Coibent Car moved to their new headquarter in Alpignano
Turin underground

In 2006, for the construction of the Turin underground, special vehicles and emergency trolleys were built in the various stations

Una nuova linea

A new line business is born: Business On The Road

Milano Expo

In 2015 the Pernigotti ice cream Ape Car is presented at the Expo. It is also in this occasion that Business On The Road produces APErugina and COFFE@SQUARE

BM Concept

The brothers Enrico and Marcello take over the family business


In 2017 Business On The Road together with Eurochocolate design a series of Ape Car models for chocolate tasting. The doors are designed to look like real chocolate bars

BM Concept srl

The business units Coibent Car and Business On The Road are now supervised by BM Concept

Kiosk Market launch

BM Concept introduces on the Market its brand new project: the Kiosk On The Road

Eco On The Road

The Company expands its products range by introducing the EOTR line with small sized electrical vehicles.