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The revolutionary on the road coffee project

Coffee is one of the most important beverage of the World. Its consumption has been diffused for many Centuries in every part of the Earth with rituals, habits and preparations that are very different from one another.

Tasting a good coffee is a ritual that East and West have in common

Coffe@square is an technical advanced street food project , for coffee extraction on Apecar Classic, with a highly scenic result. A real 40 square meters itinerating cafeteria, with an innovative toasting implant on demand, relax area and WiFi.

Business On The Road Apecar expands to 40 square meters once unfolded, a 7 meters counter and a lounge for degustation on trademarked jute cushions. A convivial ambient in colonial style perfect in any moment of the day, for a take away coffee, at the counter or while in complete relax.

The idea has been designed by Roberto Messineo, roaster expert of Caffè San Domenico, “slow food presence” awarded, expertise of each phase of the process for coffee making with.

The technological innovation linked to the coffee extraction has been developed by I3P, the Torino Polytechnic business incubator, one of the most virtuous of the World.

The project has been presented for the first time by Business On The Road at SIGEP 2015, the international ice cream and cafeteria exhibition.

The immediate success of this project is now shown in the Torino Polytechnic at I3P.


The modular system, adjustable for any commercial activity, depending on the necessisties.

Technological innovation, the innovative toasting implant to extract coffee instantly.

International format, deployable all around the globe.

Multi-location, perfect for sales meetings, international forum, prestigious brands.

Italianity, the provides a strong sales appeal.

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