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 EXPO 2015

EXPO 2015

In 2015, from may 1st to october 31st Business On The Road, Coibent Car trademark, a leader Company of street food equipment for 35 years, has been Event Sponsor of the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster in Expo Milano 2015, an over 20 millions visitors event. Business On The Road presented APErugina, the first Apecar in the chocolate history trademarked by Baci Perugina, at N14 booth. The area that hosted Perugina Chocostore was o  the Decumanus, the main visitors thoroughfare.

The great goal reached is due to the cooperation with Eurochocolate, the Official Content Provider of the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster, inside which Aperugina has been an exclusive element for cultural and commercial events on the cocoa or chocolate subject.

Apecar is designed for the sale and serving of Baci desserts, an appreciated semifreddo during summer and autumn. The three-wheeler enhanced by the legendary Piaggio cart is versatile and technological advanced, it is equipped with a pantry, a wide refrigerated cell, a refrigerated showcase and its unique with a sophisticated design.


Business On The Road enters the fashion world with its Fru Fru Van project, the first itinerary temporary shop in Italy. Luxurious, versatile and with a great visual impact it is waiting for you in the most exclusive locations.

Fru Fru van is the first itinerary Beauty van in Italy, designed to enhance the worldwide famous fashion labels. Its elegance won’t go unnoticed on Milano’s roads: a vintage Estefatte Renault in Tiffany blue totally rivisited from the inside out will bring beauty on wheels under your house or office with cosmetics sale of the brands that want to come out with new items in a way that has never been seen before.

The van’s interiors have been designed with comfortable couches, a petal shaped table not only for beauty products, eventually a sink and shelves for exposition. Led light glow at night and it is heated for winter season. The vehicle cabin has been restored and enriched with coordinated seats.

The project designer is Ilaria Fognini, an entrepreneur and brand ambassador for many important and jot only italian labels. Fru Fru van experience represents an evolution in the concept of selling point able to reach you anywhere. Fru Fru van can be a location for events, photoshoot set, an advertising solution for new items, Companies co-marketing, just to give a few examples.

For further information on this project please visit the website www.frufruvan.eu

NORCINAPE, the first gourmet delicatessen on the road

From the Renzini spa’s will to present its goods in a street food style, NORCINAPE is the Business On The Road Ape Car thought to offer a Norcia salami selection all over Italy, with a wide range of goods: raw, cooked, boar, salami of Cinta and above all the Umbrian porchetta which has recently been included by the New York Times in the first five must-eat-dishes in the World.

The rear equipment on a classic Apecar base 400cc diesel engine deck has been projected in minimum details for quality results that are innovative, elegant and stylish. Norcinape’s main characteristics are: removable refrigerated showcase counter; wide back counter equipped with grill, cash, weighter and slicer; bread showcase in wooden boxes; box girders and foil covered for hams exposition; holding glesses racks. The skphisticated led lighting system enhances the final results that  akes the Business On The Foad’s Norcinale unique.

RENZINI ALTA NORCINERIA has been leader on the delicatessen food industry for more than 30 years, with a wide and high quality food range, produced with excellent raw materials respecting the procedures of the traditional Norcian art preparations.

Today, the 3 Norcinape models brought Renzini spa numerous market benefits, in particular the project has allowed their goods promotion in events, fairs, commercial structures and exclusive restaurants with low cost. Norcinape at the restaurant Il Fungo, one of the most famous restaurant in Roma.


The group Camst, high italian restauration chose Business On The Road Norcinape for its street food projectat the Nova Center in Bologna.

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