The sectors are:

Coibent Car

Food transport of perishable goods: ice cream, fish, meat, dairy , pastry, eggs, fruit and vegetables. Floricolture. Transport of dangerous goods. Chemical transport, medical products, plasma.


Ice cream, sandwich, fried food, pastry and pizza.

Retail: clothing, eyewear, exhibitions.


Groupage, moving, couriers, conveyors.

The activities are:

  • Processing (fixed bin locations, converted vehicles)
  • Refrigerated transport  in ATP regime
  • Generic transport
  • Transport and sale
  • Sale
  • Advertising
  • Showroom set-up

We consider important to share with our team the projects in progress in order to define and share not only the project itself but also the working cycle. Our technical department resources Coibent Car, business on the road, processing and services) identify a specific layout to define the set-up. We design around aspects like product knowledge for sale or transport, the supply mode and its fruition, from the choice of the materials and the equipment suppliers.

Coibent car

According to the type of transport, the reference temperature and the room and volume needed, we individue:

  • Vehicle size
  • The set-up (cell, insulated, strengthened insulation)
  • The model fo the refrigerated group


In order to draft a project it is necessary to define:

  • The vehicle size
  • The type of vehicle (vintage, trailer, truck, Ape Car)
  • The equipment and the materials most appropriate

In this case, the BM Concept technical manager interface with the costumer to define the business focus in order to suggest the best standard solution. For custom and special projects the procedure includes the research of the equipment needed for specific set-ups (for example dog grooming).

BM Concept:

the truck convertion and cells are customized on the specific requirements of the retail activity.

Coibent Car

For the refrigerated transport, our customers often already have their vehicles that our team custom after a brief on their business (the items to transport, the controlled temperature needed,…). We also purchase new vehicles or suggest the most suitable and then custom it.


When it‘s about street food or promo truck, we establish with our customer a general project, in which we define the vehicle type (Ape Car, vintage, truck, trailer,…) and the kind of sale (whether it’s on the ground or on board), then we realize a graphic and visual rendering, the executive project and the production with our partners and suppliers.

All the commercial vehicles can be insulated as long as their dimensions are suitable. At the moment extra volume vans and trucks are not involved, but they can still be coated.

On the same criteria, we can build refrigerated cells on every commercial and industrial vehicle.

Among every model on the market, we can custom about 30 different models in 80 versions of 10 car manufacturers.

All the Piaggio range.

Truck, commercial vehicles, platform or covered (Fiat Ducato, Renault Master, and more)

Vintage, antique vehicles

Trailer, from our own production


Different fuelling systems: petrol, diesel and electric

We offer a training course depending on his personal background: he may already be in the catering industry or it can be a new business. We help to create a business plan with scheduled activities to reach the go to market (including documentations and homologations). We design the vehicle and its layout according to the customer demands and budget.

We set up vehicles (coated, refrigerated cells and accessories): Coibent Car line

Street food vehicle or promo truck set ups, vendor trucks for markets: BusinessOnTheRoad line

Processing for BM Concept (isolated, foil, permanent tanks, laboratories, special set-ups) and permanent cells

Coibent Car line Rental:

pre-sale services: project consulting and training.

Post-sale services: scheduled maintenance or the asset management, availability of spare parts, extraordinary maintenance.

Procedures: vehicle homologation, testing, ATP testing, expert and CPA revalidation, F gas certification.

Coibent Car

We define with our customers the volumes to transport and the temperature needed to maintain the supplies.


We follow a four steps path:

  1. We identify the supply. We suggest, especially on small vehicles, just one drag-and-drop. This choice is also useful for marketing purpose because it consents a concept customization;
  2. We define the demanded sale and exposition spaces to establish the size of the concept;
  3. We determine the distance the vehicle is intended to travel;
  4. We pinpoint the chosen communicative slant (vintage, contemporary, Italian symbol) and the target to reach.

Afterwards it will be possible to choose the vehicle. Following some examples:

  1. “ I get around town, I travel few kilometers, I have a unique product: ice cream, I only need an ice cream container and a fridge for the beverages”. The right concept can be the Ape Car in the Ecoon the road version.
  2. “ I travel throughout Italy for fairs and shows, I have a big variety of products that change depending on the event, I need room, I need to keep the mobility of the vehicle outside the event to reach the hotel or for other reasons”. The right vehicle is a trailer.
  3. “I take part in a seasonal location at a funfair or an event and I need a moving stand that must be light and easy to move without engine and that allows me to show my items”. Kiosk is the perfect solution.
  4. “ I need a complete configuration for my vehicle that makes it a real moving shop, fully equipped with anything needed for a sale, full of room for the all the stocking”. Hoods, kitchen pipes, deep fryers, refrigerating appliances, full kitchens, they can all be designed for layout optimization. In this case the right solution is the food truck.


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