We set up means of transport at controlled temperature, insulations and refrigerated vans since 1980.

We set up street food vehicles, sponsorship itinerant or stationary trucks, for mobile sales points and for gathering, show and fair locations.

Truck body

We design and build truck bodies for commercial and industrial vehicles. This way we adapt the vehicle set up on the type of business enhancing the performance facilitating functionality and operability of the daily job. The truck bodies are realized with materials conceived to give security, robustness and lon lasting resistance. They consist in solid faces, smooth or corrugated, at the sides and at the back. They can be, depending on the demand, more or less insulated or even isothermal with a refrigerated group for the food and fresh food supply transport.

The insulated trucks, flexible and suitable for different types of transport, are equipped in polyurethan, polystyrene or fiberglass sandwich panels. The custom create a clean and elegant line, and underlines the strong points: the sturdiness and the load capacity. These trucks are suited for means of transport but also for customized mobile laboratories or street food vehickes.

The light alloy trucks are resistant and robust and are the ideal choice for the transport of any kind of item, even voluminous. Despite the light versatile line, those trucks guarantee high performances even in the most difficult situations.

The containers in light alloy (foil), are suitable for any kind of transport. They have frame and reinforcing girders in galvanized and bordered metal sheets, a plywood load plan, an anti slip carply, and they are equipped with banks in anodized aluminium alloy with integrated hinge, opening side and rear total concealed closure.

The tipper vans are ideal for construction and debris transport. They can side or rear flip.

Trucks with a basic fixed container and with a fixed cover or optionally with variable height with a closing cover that can be opened all around. They are suited for any type of transport, they are extremely versatile for the loading and unloading.

The laboratory vehicles are set up for different necessities: medical, mechanical workshops, mobile stations and radio and television.

The trucks have an inner coating of the cargo hold, that protects the goods and the vehicle from accidental damage. They are used for transportation that request cleaning and washability of the room. They are build in different materials, panelling and accessories depending on the item carried. Different optionals are available, like air conditioners, refrigerating or heating to manage the temperature of use. They are the basis for the laboratory vehicles.

Equipment in which is required a specific project and a close interaction to define of the project concept.

The truck body equipment

The industrial vehicles truck body equipped ensure a safe transport, funcional and efficient for the items. The trucks can be accessoried, for example with hydraulic lift, with rack and pinion loading systems, with removable floors, that allow to handle or move the items from the tipper, block and organize the vehicle loading and facilitate the loading and unloading.

The truck coatings

The coatings main aim is to protect the vehicle itself and the loadings from accidental damage during the transport.